Monday, December 15, 2008



Mommy gained Yet another 3 lbs... Grr!!! Its ok lol atleast they told me you are bigger this week you are measuring 37 and a half weeks We will be 36 weeks tommorow! Mommy is one centimeter dialated...and got sent to labor and delivery lol because of cramping the doctor wanted to make sure i wasnt dialated any more within 2 hours and i wasnt! MOMMY NEEDS to get the House CLEAN!!! Mommy FINALLY found out what that annoying pain by my ribs was and why its soo NUmb!!! ITS YOu Gordito!! GET YOUR FOOT OUTTA THERE!!! lol I love you baby boy hope you are comfy and hope youre ready to come out and say hello soon!!! Muah keep kicking... Mommy loves it!! remember Your eviction date is set for 4 weeks and 1 day from today... DONT MAKE ME GET THE SHERIFF!!!

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