Friday, December 5, 2008

Big Boy


You are doing so good in there mommy is having just a few teensie problems with her thyroid levels.... You are BIG... we are 34.3 weeks along you are measuring over 35 weeks... Your heart rate today was 153.... and you are weighing about 5lbs 6 oz according o the tech! Wow if you get any bigger mommys gonna cry lol... The nurse aslo said LOl That You have a very BIG PEnis! That Perve! lol atleast we know you aint got that from daddy hahah Just kidding Daddy is Grrrrreat... Lol why do yu think youre on your way lol Love you angel face... Next time show mommy your face so she can see your alien features! we have another appointment on the 15th and another ultrasound on january 5th you better be growing JUST NOT TOO MUCH mommy will cry.... Keep kicking a keep growing my lil fatty! XOXO Mommy

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