Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Angel Face


Mommy Gained Another 6 Lbs Since your growth has finally slowed down and you are finally measuring your size Im guesiing thats all mommy weight lol... 3 weeks left as of today... cant wait we are almost done with your room... Your heart rate started off at 125 BPM but then went back to normal at 143 BPM. You were measuring 37 weeks wich makes no sense since you were 37 and a half last week... But since we had a different doctor that might have something to do with it we will see at our next visit next week... mommy is 2 cm dialated it shouldnt be too long now but mommys cervix isnt thinning out yet... But maybe soon... Move in there you havent moved much at all today... We had a differemt doctor who was awsome Lol maybe she can deliver you... She said I can have as many people as i want in the Delivery room. But of course i wont Lol... See you soon and hope youre enjoying your last 21 days inside mommys Tummy!

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