Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heart Attack


Hey Jayden... You gonna give mommy a heart attack... Me and you and daddy of course were in the hospital tonight Because we were worried about u we had some spotting for about 3- 4 weeks lol thats daddys fault doctor says you're great that its something else.... Lol Ok you honestly dont like to cooperate do you. Lol u were making me smile! The nurse put the heart monitor on my belly to monitor your heart beat for 20 minuts and you kept moving and kicking till we lost your heart beat and kept having to start over lol I love you.. youre silly... Now the ultrasound when they actually wanted you to move you wouldnt lol... Do u like to make things complicated???i was glad to see you practicing your breathing! Youre doing Great!.... well im glad to know youre all right and that you are a very active very happy lil boy in ther dont worry Im evicting u in 16 weeks so enjoy your stay inside mommy... ILY

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