Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Lil Ninja


Lol OK SO mommy has gotten very fat! Shes gained a total of about 27 Lbs doctor says I can gain 10 more and i should be fine... Your heart beat today was normal youre growing just fine lol and mommy is doing Good... Its time for us to sign up for birthing classes! and breast feeding classes lol.... we are 25 weeks today 15 weeks till Your times up and your outta here... daddy and Mommy have been Buying You a bunch of little stuff for you so we can be ready when you get here! We couldnt be more excited... Just be Forwarned there is ALOT of blue! Mommy prefers Green but the stores dont carry too much so Blue is what we end up with well Keep your Jacki CHan Moves to a minimum... Remember that hurts mommy.. i love you and cant wait to meet you... My lil Kung FU Fat Boy... [Ninja Jayden] XoXo Mommy

P.S dont listen to what daddy tells you about Mommy Im not THAT crazy Lol... But daddy does love you and gives you kisses every day!

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