Tuesday, September 2, 2008



Mommy Got to see you once more today... everything in there is looking GREAT! Congrats you are still a lil Boy and well you've gained 3 ounces since last week... You're a little fat boy in there... You are looking stranger and stranger .. you look like a little alien baby... You're having a very good time in ther flipping and poking me[right now!] I cant wait to meet you and im glad i am providing a comfortable environment for you in there... you have 19 weeks left inside mommy and i cant wait till i see your precious lil face for the first time and hold u in my arms for the first time... I will see you soon... hang in there.. Daddy loves yo0u but hasnt been able to go with mommy to see you... You will be taking your first trip to Puerto Rico this week! yay The excitement... Today you weighed 15 ounces [Almost a pound] and your heart rate was 143 bpm
[slowed down since last week][☆you are ahead of schedule lol U/S tech said they might change my due date if you get any bigger] Mommy has gained 15 lbs since she got pregnant with You Yea mommys sad ☹... you're gonna get to meet grandma this week how exciting... I love you !

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