Friday, December 17, 2010

More Mommy and Me time!

    Daddy Has started a new job, which leaves us home for most of the day to deal with eachother. With similar personalities, our days get very frustrating. You continue to work on testing my patience, and I am getting better at controlling my temper. Yelling and raising my voice has become a thing of the past, we are not at letting you work it out by yourself. Instead of trying to get you to stop crying, Mommy simply lets you finish on your own time while learning not to get too frustrated at the fact that you aren'y really crying but infact trying to get your way! I wish it weren't so cold out, we could be having lots of fun outside.  Our time together is only going to increase. and you are Quickly learnng you can't mess with mommy, I love you Baby boy. We have some amazing days together. You make mommy laugh with all the silly things you do, and all the silly things we do together!

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