Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jaydens 2nd Christmas 2010

   I cannot believe that this is your 2nd christmas with us. How the years have flown by. Soon you will be going on 5 and starting school! Merry Christmas Little Man, I hope you enjoyed everything you got! I hope you enjoyed all the time you got to spend with your cousins and family friends.

  Dinner was served at the restaurant, since that is our tradition, and of course it was served late! But we showed up late so there was no problem there.

Food Yum!

We all stood around for Prayer holding hands, the circle went all around the restaurant.

   You were a little difficult when it was time to get you down for bed. You kept laughing at us even though it was 3 am! you were too distracted by the little tree in the corner of our bedroom!

"Jayden Santa Won't Come until you go to sleep!"

   On a positive note, we did manage a tree for you, an about 2 feet tall, table top tree. The Fugliest thing I've ever seen, but we managed to get it all decorated and looking decent for the you. we hung 3 stockings for the 3 of us. All your gifts from us were Toy Story 3 related, from the wrapping paper, to the gift bag, ALL of it. That is your favorite thing right now, it's like you can't get enough!

Before Santa

After Santa

   On Christmas Morning no one could get you back to sleep  at 7am even after having gone to sleep after 3 am! One look at the piled up gifts next to our bed and it was enough to keep you up and running till 3pm Christmas day.

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