Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Day Out

The Park

Today Started off great We slept in till about 1 pm when Jayden decided to climb out of bed and run to our bed and wake us up! Hubby got the day off so that was an even bigger Bonus. We made a much needed trip to the Bank [to get hubby Added to my Wachovia Account since he cant access it]. We then Decided to stop by at a near By Park with my Main little man ... He had a BLAST! couldnt get him away from the Slides! He just loves being on the swings and this park had the baby swings even though he loves the big kid swings better these are Way safer! Daddy had to go up with him because Jayden thinks hes superman and jumps off the slides and im terrified lol!
Ice Cream
After our trip to the park, [after taking jayden Kicking and Screaming] we stopped at baskin robins to get some ice cream jayden is so Indecisive Just like his Daddy and eventually Decided he wanted some sherbert with pop Rocks in it lol he was sooo Excited! [ he just loves Ice cream] He sampled about 3 Flavors and Hubs Sampled even more Lol Mommy just picked one and It ended up being the best one [Hubby Loved it better than his]
Browsing con Papi!
his choice was the green and purple looking one
He was Unhappy with the cup so we bought him a cone to put his ice cream in!
We ended our fun filled day By going out to Dinner with our little man to Ihop where he of course was tired and had his little tantrum. But hes My little monkey and i love Him! he loved his rooty Jr and well decided that no matter how sour, he was going to continu to suck on the lemon wedge! Funiest faces But continued to do it lol!

This believe it or not was not his first attempt at sucking that lemon wedge more like his Last lol!
Deciding what he wanted [anything with Whipped Cream] lol

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