Wednesday, August 11, 2010

19 Months Old!

Jayden How time has passed so Quickly I will never Know! It seems like Just yesterday daddy and I were in the bathroom awaiting a positive test and Excited Like Heck to tell the world! You our our Miracle and one of our Biggest blessing! Im glad to say you are a healthy baby boy who does the oddest things! Lately you have been throwing THE WORST TANTRUMS!!! you seem to act out when you dont get your way! Kicking and screaming when things dont go your way!!! Its getting a little tiring but still funny what worries me is the head slamming! You get hurt i run to the rescue... and as soon as that happens you hit your head just a few more times!! is it the Love and attention you crave when you get hurt?!?! lol I love you baby no need to hurt yourself! Now that you are feeling better...... we have to schedule your 18 month Well Child since that cold was Horrible!

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