Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7 Months


7 Months Baby!!!

You are Well past your Half way Mark and mommy couldnt be prouder.
You have grown so much in the last Month. in one month you went from laying flat on your tummy to scooting all over the place to learning how to crawl Youve mastered standing on your own and sitting up. and learning how to go from laying on your belly to sitting up or rolling onto your back and getting up. You are so curious and getting into mischief so early on. Im constantly chasing you about to make sure Youre not in the dogs food in the dogs cage climbing the dvd rack or biting Mini. We are so anxious to know what this next month will bring! You are already trying to stand and not hold on to everything you are taking steps while holding onto Furniture... and other things that are in your Path. You LOVE popsicle Beans and rice, you got over the corn lol, but love the chicken. You are saying other things now other than mama and dadda [ although they are not understandable to the regular english speaker... Mommy understands jayden talk] I love you so Much and so does your daddy You have been soooo Annoying with your crying for mama just cuz you feel like it but i feel special that you love your momma so much T.Q.M baby boy Muah...

Happy 7 Months

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