Monday, August 10, 2009

6 Month Check Up


6 Months Check Up

You are getting so big You had your 6 Month Check up today... You are so big! You are weighing 17 lbs 8.3 oz you havnt gotten too much taller but they might have measured wrong on your 4 month Visit =D you are 26 1/4 Inches Long and your head circumfrence is at 43. Mommy had to hold you this Visit for your shots beacause you knew they were coming Im sorry Booboo The good thing is you wont get them again untill you are a year old! You will Be 7 months tommorow! Wow where does time go?? Dr. Chan said you are developmentally ahead for your age group, and are doing great. he was shocked to see you standing on your own and crawling so fast and so early.

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