Friday, December 10, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?


      23 Months old today, to think that it has been nearly 2 years since I dressed you in your little teddy jammies and brought you home from Portsmouth Naval Hospital; in your winnie the pooh carseat. 2 years seems like a life time, but to me it just seems like I blinked and poof here you are 2 years later.
     All those nights hoping you wouldn't wake up, falling asleep in your bedroom by your cribside, as I fed you your milk, it all seems like just yesterday. Now you walk in and out my room, climb in and out of my bed and your bed. Where has all this time gone? Your 2nd Christmas is just around the corner! All you seem to want is Toy Story ANYTHING!
    Mommy will Oblige and get you all things Toy Story! A bed set, the movie collection, another buzz, Woody, Jessie, the whole collection, thast why mommy is working to give you the world and more! I love you baby and Today is just another daily reminder of how quickly time goes by. Lets get some more words in there. I'm glad you are switching from English to spanish but Mommy wants more words!

A Trip down memory lane


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    Very cute kid!

  2. Oh he is SO ADORABLE ! My 3 year old grew up so fast ! You are making me baby crazy :)
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  5. Hi, I'm you newest follower. Great post! My baby is 20 months old & it DOES go by soooo fast! I was just looking at my older kids' baby pictures & was thinking the same thing - where does the time go?!?

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