Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Too Much doesnt fit in one shot and the salads and bread were on the main table

 Gobble Gobble 

    Thanksgiving 2010, was a little smaller than it has been in the past years. All of us are getting older, starting our own families, and starting our own traditions. We continued with the family tradition of having dinner at the family restaurant, as we do every year after the restaurant is closed. Dinner started at about 9:30 PM, yes that late. Dinner consisted of 2 Turkeys, a chicken, my grandmas stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice, 2 different kinds of mac & cheese, some more bread stuffing, bread, a house salad, a russian salad, some cranberry sauce, and of course chocolate chip, and sugar cookies.

GrandMama and Jay J.

These two are bottomless Pits (daddy[right] and the whiny Uncle[left])

The Teenage crew ( they know everything.. Cuz they grown)

Dilsa and Jay J.

K-T and Baby Landen

The Mr. and little man

P, Me, and My Jay J.
    After we said grace ( it was my dads turn this year) we all lined up waiting to be served. My mom and I served every one before we ourselves grabbed a plate to eat. As usual, my dad had brought a bag of gifts and prizes to raffle off and that went on for over an hour. People were getting mad at my baby boy whose number kept getting called and he kept winning things lol. he won about 6 times I won 2 times and the Mr. won 1 time. That would have been a great night to play the lottery, he was one lucky boy that night lol. We ended our night at around 11:30 PM, when we rushed out and headed towards walmart for the 12:01AM sales. I was determined to but Toy Story 3 ( TS3) for 10 bucks. It would normally run about $20-$24, but a deals a deal and thats $10-$14 bucks I was going to save.

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