Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mall Play Area

Hey Well After our long Goodbyes last Night My LO and my princess Played for a bit and said their goodbyes! So sad he Just loves her. We Left and we drove ourselves back Home
Today was a Busy day Doing Errands! We did Get to stop by the mall [Lol Sure Just a quick Trip baby i PROMISE!] between The LO and Me Hubs shoulda stayed in the house sleeping haha The LO hit the Play Area and Nobody was taking Him Out! And well I made My way To Sephora In JCP lol and MAC, Bakers and well so it didnt seem selfish we did
make our way to the DMV where Hubs has to Renew his Drivers License, But of Course they tell us the computers are DOWN wtf Ok well Maybe on Friday..

About The Play Area
Well It says 42" Is the cut off and I get some younger Children are taller
Wich is alright since they might be the same age, But It Irks me that i cant take my Son
to the Play are and watch him Play with other kids his age with out having Kids about My height [Im about 5'3] Running around Super fast. One Kid Pushed My LO and just kept running. Of course kids the same age as My son bump in to each other! and i think thats ok since they arent 3 times bigger than him. Well One mom had her daughter there Younger than My LO and this 10 or 11 year old Boy was running around and Bumped her girl SHE WAS FURIOUS she was like "Wheres Your MOM??!" so the boy pointed her out and she went to talk to her. This is EVERYTIME we Go to the Play are we've gone to others and Same Problem. Its frustrating these Bigger Kids Push the younger ones, and Jump from one thing to the other and theres babies 9 Months ad up playing [ the ones just learning to walk] Any ways enough of this rant and I know Not all the Older kids are like that But there is a Height Cut off for that reason.... here are some Photos of My LO playing with the Baby looney Tunes!

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