Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 weeks!!!


Boe Boe... Nanners Birthday is tommorow 22 years old DAMN! ANy ways!!! HAppy 2 weeks Time is going by fast soo you will be turning 1! Mommy is over her baby blues and looks forward to you waking up from your naps so she can hold you and play with u... although youve started this new crying thin i hope its just an episode and not a colic symptom cuz mommy will HAVe to go out and get a job lol I will go insane if all you do is cry.... I love you to pieces Daddy goesback to work tommorow =( mommy will be all alone!! oh no! until he gets home... its ok we save the crying for him... evry day that goes by is a day closer to daddy being gone... enjoy your time with him he will be gone for a very long time!

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