Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beach Birthday!

Happy Birthday Daddy!
(first time in the Ocean)

YAY Daddy!!! Daddy turned 22 today. You Daddy and Mommy wend to Ocean front set our stuff up on the beach and went to have a Nice Lunch on the board walk. we went to doughBoys where you decided you didnt Like their Pizza. But You LOVED the Fruit Punch... You were SUPER cranky.... We had a great afternoon at the beach.. After your nap of course... Titi Nanner filled up your pool with sea water and she put you in it to play I finally Got ypou in the OCEAN NO TEARS!!! you were shaky but you did great even in the waves.... I Love you Baby... Daddys cake was Great... haha Your first Piece of Birthday Cake we cut you your own slice and placed it on your High chair..... YOU WENT NUTS!!! I love you Gordo cant wait to celebrate your Birthday.

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