Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big boy huh!


Chubby Cheeks Today You were measuring at 7lbs 13oz... Big boy huh Just not as big as i though Thank god lol... you might just be 8lbs by due date! Mommy is still stuck at 2-3 cm Grrr But they said mommies cervix is alot lower... Hurry up i wanna see you.. We got some cute ultrasound pics today You were sucking your thumb.. You have a fat hand and you have chubby cheeks... Your heart beat today was 152-153bmp still good... & days... We are 39 weeks today!! Im so discourage it doesnt seem like youre coming anytime soon... and mommy is getting impatient she doesnt want you to be late! so hurry Pleeeeease!

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