Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another trip to L&D


Hey angel... We went to Labor and Delivery... with the Pain you were causing mommy she coud have sworn you were coming soon... your heart rate was all over the place.. but you behaved for once! we still have a ways to go... Mommy is still 2cm and onli 30% effeced... so mommy is definately relieved she has a little bit longer to go before you come... cuz she definately isnt ready yet we have a few more things to get done before your big arrrival... Mommies gonna try and avoid too much activity besides the house cleaning... cause the doctor said i need too that might be casing pain... And maybe daddy can control his hormones... lol doubtful very doubtful... Im anxious to meet you but give me at least another week! see you soon baby boy....

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