Saturday, November 15, 2008



Mommy Went to the Hospital Today... She was scared to death and had no idea what was going on... I think Karma Bit your mommy in the ass for trying to plan on keeping daddy Home... Mommy fell Conked her head and has a really Big Bump and then mommy got up and was crying cuz she didnt know what happened.. the evil people at the hospital made mommy Go In.. You as usual are perfect.. and I love you.. Mommy was good too. they told mommy it was probably something you did... Are you trying to Kill Me??? So i dont think daddy will be staying home with us in december but as long as you are healthy i am ok... Mommy cried for a long time cuz she was so confused Monica took mommy to the hospital.. Today was a good day even with the big fall... We had guy doctors who actually knew what they were doing... I love you and we have 8 weeks and 3 days left until you are here in my arms Unless you want to be late.. Make mommy happy come early!... Daddy will be home in a weak and then he has ALOT of making up to do to mommy for not emailing her... [ daddys in trouble lol] take care angel... Imma go put food in my belly so you can eat.. Night sunshine

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