Friday, October 31, 2008

No kicks?


1:20 am

Jayden Mommy is worried you havent been moving as much lately yesterday you barely kicked and today mommy hasnt felt you kick at all about 2 hours ago i felt you move in ther but no kicks i even layed on my belly i know you hate that... but you still didnt kick me... Im starting to get scared because you are always active... Daddy is gone right now so please be a strong boy and dont break mommys heart. Mommy is about to get ready to go to the hospital so they can check your heart rate and make sure evrything is ok... I just dont feel well enough to drive right now so im waiting a little bit... I hope everything is alright in there and youre just getting some bad habbits from Mommy and being a lazy sleepy boy... Mommy cant handle another heart break so be strong... daddy will be home in 4 weeks... Mommys tryna be strong by herself but shes lonely... just You & me baby boy... so please keep those kicks comming so mommy knows youre here with her...

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